6m³ Walk in Bin

Common Uses

  • Medium to large amounts of household rubbish removal
  • Medium to large amounts of industrial rubbish removal
  • Medium to large amounts of soil or green waste removal
  • Small to medium amounts of construction waste removal
  • Small to medium loads of concrete waste removal

Things to Remember

  • You cannot overfill the bin. Your waste must be level with the top of the mini skip at its highest point which is 650mm.
  • Heavy rubbish will be easier to load into the skip bin as it can be walked in.
  • We provide lower prices if your load is just concrete, just soil or just green waste. If it’s a combination of these we charge our standard prices.

A 6m³ bin is not 6m long, 6m high or even 6m wide. Cubic metres are used to measure volume. A 6m³ is a decent size, if you’re not 100% sure this is what you need, then call our team so we can assist you with choosing the right bin size.


Our 6m³ skip bin hire options are the most popular with our customers. Our pricing on these bins is very competitive and they are probably our most commonly hired bins. 6m³ is a decent amount of space to use to get rid of unwanted rubbish at home, when you’re moving house it can be surprising just how much you want to get rid of. If you’re doing a renovation on a single room over the weekend, for example a bathroom, with a 6m³ bin you are unlikely to run out of room when getting rid of old vanities, walls and tiles or other flooring. Walk in bins like this make the whole process of getting rid of rubbish much easier. Instead of constantly lifting rubbish into the bin and then having to organise and stack it to get the most use from the bin, you can simply walk the rubbish into the skip and organise it as you go.

Common Scenarios

This 6m³ walk in bin is commonly used for both household and construction purposes. You might use this bin to get rid of construction waste at a building site. You may use a couple of these bins if you digging out a pool. This bin is also ideal for large renovation projects with plenty of space to get rid of all your walls, flooring and vanities. Thinking about a big yard project or cleanup? This bin is ideal for getting rid of green waste or soil and if you are only getting rid of soil or green waste we can offer a reduced price. If you have a large amount of concrete to be removed, this is also a great bin option, we also provide a lower price for 100% concrete waste loads.

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