4m³ Walk in Bin

Common Uses

  • Medium amounts of household rubbish removal
  • Medium amounts of industrial rubbish removal
  • Medium amounts of soil or green waste removal
  • Small loads of concrete waste removal

Things to Remember

  • You cannot overfill the bin. You waste must be level with the top of the mini skip at its highest point which is 600mm.
  • Heavy rubbish will be a lot easier to walk into the bin for loading and stacking.
  • Walk in bins are larger then mini skips so measure out the area you want to place the bin as you may need a council permit for placing the bin on the council strip or road if it can’t fit  in your driveway.

A 4m³ walk in bin is not 4m long, 4m high or even 4m wide. Cubic metres are used to measure volume. A 4m³ walk in bin is a good size for small to medium amounts of rubbish removal, if you’re not 100% sure this is what you need, then call our team so we can assist you with choosing the right bin size.


4m³ walk in bin hire is the next size up for a walk in bin. You’re starting to work with a lot more space which allows you to get rid of more waste. This helps you tackle multiple weekend projects, or bigger renovation tasks. This is also a good size bin for small to medium construction site clean ups. Please note that if you are planning on throwing out any mattresses or tyres that you will need to pay a surcharge for each of those items. They are more difficult for us to remove and recycle, and to keep our prices low for all our customers we include a surcharge on these items. This walk in bin is reasonably low in height so you are able to lift rubbish over the sides for quick loading, and walk into the bin for sorting when you need to find more space.

Common Scenarios

A good size bin for a more serious renovation project, if you are planning on knocking down walls, replacing flooring or vanities, this is a good bin option for you. Moving house and been at the old place for a few years? You’ve probably collected a lot of things that you don’t want to take with you to the new place. Use this bin to get rid of unnecessary items as well as do a bit of a yard cleanup before you go. Have a garage full of old items you’ve been collecting over the years? Hire a walk in bin for the weekend and get rid of everything you don’t need to clear some space for a new workshop area. If you’re planning on installing a pool in your yard, you could use a 4m³ bin to dig out the pool, digging out 4m³ each weekend will quickly get the area ready for your pool installation, we also have lower prices for 100% soil only loads.

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