3m³ Walk in Bin

Common Uses

  • Small to medium amounts of household rubbish removal
  • Small to medium amounts of industrial rubbish removal
  • Small to medium amounts of soil or green waste removal
  • Small loads of concrete waste removal

Things to Remember

  • You cannot overfill the bin. You waste must be level with the top of the mini skip at its highest point which is 680mm.
  • Heavy rubbish will be a lot easier to walk into the bin for loading and stacking.
  • Walk in bins are larger then mini skips so measure out the area you want to place the bin as you may need a council permit for placing the bin on the council strip or road if it can’t fit  in your driveway.

A 3m³ walk in bin is not 3m long, 3m high or even 3m wide. Cubic metres are used to measure volume. A 3m³ walk in bin is a good size for small to medium amounts of rubbish removal, if you’re not 100% sure this is what you need, then call our team so we can assist you with choosing the right bin size.


3m³ walk in bin hire is our smallest option for a walk in bin. It is a great size bin for getting rid of medium sized amounts of rubbish. This bin is longer then it is tall, so keep this in mind as you may need to break down rubbish to keep the height low enough for the bin if the rubbish can’t be laid down horizontally. We cannot take any bins that have been filled past the height for safety reasons. It’s a lot easier to walk your rubbish into the bin rather then throwing it over the sides. This also helps you fit more rubbish into the bin as you can easily organise the rubbish as you fill the bin to maximise your use of the space.

Common Scenarios

This is a great option if you have small to medium amounts of rubbish to get rid of that also has a bit of weight to it. It’s the same as a 3m³ mini skip but a lot more convenient. You might be doing a gardening project for the weekend, filling a wheelbarrow up with old plants and weeds. Simply walk the wheelbarrow into the skip, unload and repeat. When getting rid of old rubbish with a mini skip, a lot of people collect the rubbish next to the skip and then throw it all in over the side. This is twice as much work as a walk in bin where you can just transfer your rubbish straight into the bin as you go.

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