3m³ Mini Skip Bin

Common Uses

  • Small to medium amounts of household rubbish removal
  • Small to medium amounts of industrial rubbish removal
  • Small to medium amounts of soil or green waste removal

Things to Remember

  • You cannot overfill the bin. You waste must be level with the top of the mini skip at its highest point which is 1.3m.
  • Heavy rubbish will be more difficult to throw over the side of the bin.
  • Mini skips are not suitable for all waste types, if you’re not sure then call us first before ordering.

A 3m³ mini skip is not 3m long, 3m high or even 3m wide. Cubic metres are used to measure volume. A 3m³ mini skip is a good size for small amounts of rubbish removal, if you’re not 100% sure this is what you need, then call our team so we can assist you with choosing the right bin size.


Our 3m³ mini skip hire options are a bit taller then our 2m³ mini skip options, so if you have rubbish to get rid of that is higher then 920mm this is a good option for you. Like all our skip bins we are unable to take your rubbish if the bin is filled above the height, this is a safety regulation when we are on the roads and why we designed our 3m³ mini skip to have more height then our 2m³. The bin itself is the same length and width as a 2m³ bin so it is still easy to have the bin placed in a driveway to avoid needing a council permit. Because the bin has more height if you are planning on getting rid of heavy rubbish it will be harder again to lift this rubbish over the sides of the bin. If you think the rubbish is to heavy we do recommend getting a 4m³ walk in bin as this will allow you to easily load your waste without as much stress on your body.

Common Scenarios

The same scenarios that applied to our 2m³ mini skips will apply to our 3m³ mini skip hire options. The main difference is the height, so if you are getting rid of old vanity units that wouldn’t fit in a 2m³ mini skip then the 3m³ gives you that extra height. Don’t forget you can always think about breaking up some of your rubbish to bring the height down. The extra cubic metre means a lot of extra space so if you’re not confident you can fit all your rubbish into a 2m³ or you might be able to get rid of some more with the extra m³ then take the extra metre. It’s not much of a price different and you might be able to clear some space in your garage at the same time as finishing your project. If you’re on a construction site and just need to do a bit of a cleanup, you may only need a mini skip. Again just think about the weight of your rubbish as its going to be a lot faster and easier to walk rubbish in rather then lift rubbish over the sides. It’s also easier to stack rubbish in a walk in bin.