2m³ Mini Skip Bin

Common Uses

  • Small amounts of household rubbish removal
  • Small amounts of industrial rubbish removal
  • Small amounts of soil or green waste removal

Things to Remember

  • You cannot overfill the bin. You waste must be level with the top of the mini skip at its highest point which is 920mm.
  • Heavy rubbish will be more difficult to throw over the side of the bin.
  • Mini skips are not suitable for all waste types, if you’re not sure then call us first before ordering.


Mini skips are best for small domestic jobs, they can be used for any situation but the key thing to remember is that you cannot overfill your skip or we cannot take the rubbish away. If you’ve measured your rubbish and checked against the volume of the mini skip and you think it is enough, then this is the cheapest option for your rubbish removal project that you can get. Because the mini skip is small in size it is not too much trouble to lift light rubbish over the side of the bin. Another advantage of its small size is that it will be easy for us to place the bin in the most convenient location for your rubbish removal. If you have a good driveway and space for the bin this can help you avoid the need for a council permit as you will not need to use council property to store the skip bin. If you are in the Darebin shire we will not charge you for a council permit.

Common Scenarios

To help you decide if this mini skip option is best for you, here are some examples of what you might use this bin for. If you’ve been planning some yard work and have had your eyes on removing some old plants and leaves then a mini skip would be ideal. We provide a lower price for 100% green waste rubbish loads but this means no soil. If you are wanting to dig up some earth to make a new garden then again a mini skip would be a good option for you. We can provide lower prices for 100% soil removals as well but this means only soil. If you are needing to get rid of both soil and green waste, our prices are still very competitive. If you’re moving house or doing a very small renovation project like putting new tiles in a bathroom or kitchen, a mini skip is a good option again, just make sure to measure your expected load size before you order so you don’t get caught out and run out of room in the skip.