24m³ Walk in Bin

Common Uses

  • Large amounts of construction waste
  • Large amounts of soil
  • Large amounts of concrete

Things to Remember

  • You cannot overfill the bin. Your waste must be level with the top of the mini skip at its highest point which is 1.70m.
  • Heavy rubbish will be easier to load into the skip bin as it can be walked in.
  • We provide lower prices if your load is just concrete, just soil or just green waste. If it’s a combination of these we charge our standard prices.
  • There are weight limits for our skip bins so contact us to find out more about what bin you need for heavy loads.

A 24m³ bin is not 24m long, 24m high or even 24m wide. Cubic metres are used to measure volume. A 24m³ is a big size, if you’re not 100% sure this is what you need, then call our team so we can assist you with choosing the right bin size.


This 24m³ walk in bin is the biggest bin we offer. If you need more space then this you can split your rubbish into multiple loads and depending on what kind of waste your are getting rid of you may need to anyway to avoid the weight limitations on the bins. The bin size is most ideal for demolitions and large amounts of construction waste. There is a big height increase on the 24m³ bin compared to the 12m³ and 16m³ walk in bins, so if you are looking for extra height then this is the bin for you. 24m³ is a very large amount of space, so if you are not quite sure if this is what you need contact us so we can assist you with the right bin options for your hire.

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