Our Bins & Trucks

We have a huge range of bins, including our own unique designs, delivered by quality trucks.

About Our Bins & Trucks

At the end of the day, bin hire is about taking rubbish from places like your home, yard, or construction site and loading it into a bin. In short this means hard work. Our bin range is designed to minimise the hard work for you as much as possible. Our own unique designs are also available to provide you with flexibility with your hire needs.

Our Complete Range

Our complete range of bins vary in size from 2m³ to 24m³. Bins are measured in cubic metres which is Length x Width x Height. A 2m³ walk in bin is not 2m long, 2m high or 2m wide, it is 2 cubic metres. All of our bins are listed in more detail on our website so view our Skip Bin Range for more details. Our bins are delivered on an assortment of trucks, different trucks are used depending on the size of the bin and the rubbish being loaded into the bin. This is because of weight limits that apply for different vehicles. The type of bin you determines what truck we use to deliver and at times can affect the drop off point for the bin, so discuss your needs with us first if you have concerns.

Walk in Bins

We have a huge range of walk in bins. Every size of bin available for hire can be a walk in bin. A walk in bin is unique in that there is a door on the bin itself.
Opening this door allows you to load rubbish into the bin by walking it in, hence the name. This is convenient for all projects as it takes away the need for heavy lifting over the sides when you fill the bin. If you are digging up earth for a garden or pool, you can load your wheelbarrow up with soil and walk that into the bin. Walk in bins are superior to all over bin hire options when it comes to filling and maximising the use of space.

Our Fold Up Bins

In the past our company provided 2m³ and 3m³ mini skips for hire. When we did this we often came across two issues. The first one was many customers would book a 2m³ mini skip thinking it would do the job, and often couldn’t get rid of all the rubbish they planned to. This left them needing either a second bin or needing to do a run to the dump themselves. Another common query was if we had 2m³ bins in the walk in design. What we have done is created our own unique bin option and phased out our mini skip range. We call them fold up bins. If you book a 2/3m³ Walk in Fold Up bin, you will pay for a 2m³ walk in bin. However if you find that you need the extra space you can simply fold the sides up and fill the bin as a 3m³ walk in bin. You will then pay for a 3m³ walk in bin. This option allows you to plan your rubbish removal with some flexibility. You won’t find bins like this anywhere else and this shows our commitment to excellent service for our customers.