Our Bin Hire Prices

Our prices are competitive, and our service is delivered to a high standard.

About Our Bins Hire Prices

Every company likes to say they are the best company, or they have the best prices. At Darebin Bin Hire, we don’t like to make claims like that, whoever is the best is for the customer to decide. What we guarantee though is excellent delivery of service, and prices that are very competitive with the market for a bin hire company that you can rely on.

What you won’t get.

For every company you look at for your bin hire, there are a dozen others that you will not even see. It’s a big industry. If you hire a bin with Darebin Bin Hire what you won’t get is a bin covered in rust with the paint peeled sitting in your driveway or out the front of your house for weeks at a time. You won’t have a driver come to your home looking unpresentable or treating you discourteously. We won’t tell you to expect a bin on Monday morning and be giving you excuses on Wednesday afternoon after you’ve called us for the fifth time. The rubbish you put in the bin will be recycled and when it can’t be it will go to landfill, it won’t end up on some empty land for the council to cleanup at the expense of the taxpayer. You won’t hire a bin from us at the cheapest price available, but for the $20 or $30 extra that we might be, you won’t have any of these other problems either.

What you will get.

Your recently painted bin will be delivered in the 2 or 3 hour timeframe that we agreed to with you when you made your booking. If will come on the back of a clean truck, driven by a fully licensed and professional driver. Our driver will be clean and presentable, and will treat you, your home, and your neighbourhood with respect. Our business is insured and where possible you will be protected under our insurances. We have relationships with many councils and may be able to exempt you from council fees depending on where you live. You’ll be working with a company that’s invested in our local community. We give back regularly to many local charities, companies that provide assistance to those in need, local kids sporting teams and more. Your waste will be disposed of with the environment in mind, and when it can’t be recycled will be taken to the appropriate landfill site. You will also get a competitive price.